08 Apr

Lost Your Job Due To Coronavirus? Now is the perfect time to reinvent yourself!

Lost Your Job Due To Coronavirus?

Why the COVID-19 crisis will force people to reinvent themselves.

Did you know that some of the world’s most profitable and long-lasting companies have achieved their success by constantly reinventing themselves?

Cell phone maker Nokia started off selling rubber boots. Oil giant Shell used to import and sell actual shells.

It is commonly known that the biggest innovations come from the period of crisis, not of stability.

And this does not only apply for business but also individuals.

A record 3.3 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits last week and the longer the COVID-19 pandemic will last the more will follow.

You have two choices: you either cry or you make a plan!

Now is the perfect time to adapt and reinvent yourself!

My advice: Hire a mentor and increase your chances of success!

A Mentor is someone who cares about you, assures you are not alone in dealing with new challenges and puts yourself in the right state of mind.

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