The top-rated marketing podcast for Merchants, Founders, and Marketers looking to grow their Shopify stores.

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A Shopify Growth Podcast: The Ecommerce Coffee Break

The podcast you need if you want to improve your marketing skills, boost conversions, and increase revenue.

Each week you get actionable advice, and strategies, and hear from world-class experts and special guests talking about various topics on how to run a profitable business on Shopify.

The topics we cover include the best Shopify Apps & Themes, Ecommerce Marketing Automation, Conversion Rate Optimization, Paid Advertising (Meta & Google ads), Social Media Marketing, and Entrepreneurship.

Learn how to survive in the fast-changing eCommerce world with your host Claus Lauter and get eCommerce business advice you can't find on Google. Interested in being a featured guest on the podcast? Click here to learn more!

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"Claus and his guests tackle any and everything you'd need to know about Shopify and the ever-evolving world of eCommerce in a friendly, almost unbusinesslike tone that is easy to follow and love.", ATzed - Review on Apple Podcasts
"This podcast really covers just about everything you could need to be successful in e-commerce. Claus does a great job asking the right questions to get to simple, actionable insights for Shopify store owners. ", baltimore A's - Review on Apple Podcasts

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