eCommerce Beginners Orientation Coaching Call

Dear Business Builder,

Instead of spending hours searching in Google, watching YouTube videos and webinars, listening to podcasts, or paying for online courses spend an hour talking 1-on-1 with a real human and eCommerce expert who has been in your shoes.

The eCommerce Beginner Orientation Coaching Call is designed to help you make the best first step for you & your business.

Who is this offer for?

This is for anyone who is serious about starting an online retail business selling their products on Shopify's eCommerce platform. Please note: I do not advise on niche selection or how to find products to sell. No dropshipping or POD business either.

How it works

You book a 60-minute Zoom call with me for a 1-on-1 coaching session and...

  • Ask any question you may have
  • Bounce off and validate ideas
  • Get a second opinion
  • Get pointed in the right direction
  • Get valuable expert advice

Now you might be asking yourself - Who are you to make such a promise?

My name is Claus. I am an eCommerce Business Coach, Shopify & Klaviyo Partner, and successful, award-winning 7-figure eCommerce Store Owner with 20 years of hands-on digital marketing and eCommerce experience. And I love coffee. 🙂

If you want real-world and no-nonsense advice, from a straight-talking entrepreneur and eCommerce expert, then you've found your home.

​Does that sound good to you?

What will this set you back?

Your investment for a 1-hour eCommerce Orientation Coaching Call is only $197 USD. No on-going fees & no further obligation.

It is as simple as that!

...but before we move on, I have two questions...

⇒ If all this did was to achieve your goals 3 to 5 times faster... would it be worth it?

⇒ If all this did was help you to finally have success online... would it be worth it?


So let me ask you this: What is holding you back?

To book, simply schedule a time in my calendar below. You pay for the call via Stripe by doing the booking in my calendar ($197 USD, non-refundable).

Schedule your 'eCommerce Beginner Orientation Coaching' session with me and get clear on your first steps to your eCommerce success!

Schedule your call below.