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ECOM MERCHANT PRO is the only private membership program that provides Community, On-Demand Training, Live Coaching, Tools & Templates for optimizing your store and ecommerce marketing.

Meet and connect with like-minded Shopify merchants in our private community – anytime, from anywhere.

Learn from other business owners, and find answers to your questions, and share your knowledge. Get resources and advice from experts to help you optimize and scale your business.

Our members see an average 50% conversion uplift and 37% increase in average order value within weeks of joining us.

It’s SOOO much better than Facebook groups. Become a member of a quality community of Shopify merchants without keyboard warriors (haters, immature members), tire kickers, and non-starters. Our community platform delivers targeted content without other platforms' noisy distractions and privacy risks.

Furthermore, we want to prevent unnecessary SPAM or low-quality content in the community. Therefore, Shopify merchants are the only ones allowed to join the community - no freelancers, agencies, virtual assistants, etc.!

We will help you understand and master the most critical aspects of Ecommerce Marketing Optimization for more revenue on Shopify. You get all the support, guidance, knowledge, and training to optimize, grow and scale your online store.

You're the average of the 10 People YOU spend time with. Now is the perfect time to surround yourself with like-minded Shopify Merchants.

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Community & Connection

Connect with growth-minded Shopify merchants from all over the world and have a world-class community backing you in a safe and friendly environment.

Member Forums

Categorized forums (“spaces”) lead to organized conversations help, inspiration, and connection.

Support & Help

Super-helpful answers to questions or problems you have whether technical or business-related.

Member Discussions

You’ll get a chance to jump on open discussion calls with other members for deeper connection and support.

Weekly Insider Newsletter

We provide you with actionable tips and tricks as well as the latest ecommerce news in our weekly member newsletter.

Monthly Live Q&A Calls 

Monthly Small Group “Ask Me Anything” Coaching Calls to accelerate your progress, including Q&A’s, AMA’s, Website Reviews & Special Live Events

Who is this for?

You are a Shopify merchant, entrepreneur, or startup founder interested in connecting with other Shopify merchants who already have achieved what you are aiming for.

Your Shopify store has successfully launched, but sales are low. You want to increase conversion rates and revenue without spending any money on paid ads.

You are running a brick-and-mortar business and would like to move into an ecommerce business with a custom action plan.

You are ready to pursue the side hustle full-time and are looking to scale your online sales sustainably and profitably.

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Daily access to a thriving Members-Only Community

Community & Connection

Weekly Insider Newsletter

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Monthly LIVE Q&A with Claus Lauter

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Client Testimonial

"Don't try to work it all out by yourself when you don't need to." — Adam Watson, hollywoodmirrors.co.uk  5 Stars




Roman Lukashev, better1.comClaus is always a go-to wherever it comes to any e-commerce questions. He knows how to pinpoint the smallest change on your e-commerce website that makes a big difference. Making a relationship with him provided us a big value for our business. — Roman Lukashev, better1.com

Adam Watson, hollywoodmirrors.co.ukGive him a call. Don't try to work it all out by yourself when you don't need to. — Adam Watson, hollywoodmirrors.co.uk

Claus has been advising us on best practices for email marketing with Klaviyo. Further to that we've also discussed channel strategies to increase traffic & conversion. Claus is an experienced e-com consultant and very honest, he is not someone that oversells his services. — Roberto Auriemma, zenartsupplies.co

Mike WynnClaus is an amazing coach. He helps me a lot with my e-commerce store and I was struggling at that time. He points out a lot of mistakes I made and I'm able to save a lot of money for my company. With Claus guidance, I'm able to scale my store from 5 figure to 6 figure store. — Mike Wynn

Claus is a quite brilliant individual who is a pleasure to work with - he is inspiring to others and has an outstanding knowledge of business and is a great source to pull ideas from. — Nick Hunt

Michaela GabrielClaus is great to work with: Outcome-oriented, calm, focused & knowledgeable. — Michaela Gabriel

Frequently Asked Questions

You are free to cancel your membership at any time. To cancel, simply email us.
I’m using a brand new platform called Circle.so. How do I put it in professional terms…it’s freaking awesome. It’s like a mix between Facebook (without the distractions and polarization), Slack and LinkedIn. The UX (user experience) is beautiful, it’s easy to navigate and get used to, you can customize your notifications with ease, it lends itself to distraction-free conversations, it’s quick and snappy and Circle continues to release new features and upgrades constantly. They’re on the cutting edge with builder forum-based and membership sites so I’m personally very happy to have chosen Circle to be the foundation of our community.
No problem, just email us at hello@clauslauter. We'd love to hear from you.