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I’m starting a new Ecommerce Success Case Study Group, and I’m looking for a handful of people to work with to create as successful case-studies before our official launch of the Ecommerce Success Implementation program.

I’ve been working very closely with a small group of people in the last 12 weeks.

The results have been amazing and I’m going to work with one more case study group over the next couple of months… starting in weeks.

Here’s some of what we’re going to work on:

1. We’ll start with an in-depth analysis of your current ecommerce store & digital marketing. We’ll work on your store to improve your website and ecommerce conversion rates & user experience in 30 days.

2. Next, we’ll improve your email marketing with high converting automated email campaigns. We want to get this built early in the process, so you can sales from email marketing before the case study program is up.

3. We’ll focus on your Search Engine Optimization and organic traffic strategies… This will bring you free traffic and long time results.

4. The better you know your data the better you can optimize for conversion. We will learn how to read analytics and optimize your customer journey with Google Analytics.

5. Once we’ve got your Ninja-Level Conversion Skills in place… we will look into driving traffic and how to generate more qualified traffic for your website and ecommerce store.

6. We will look into Paid Advertising and how to overcome specific challenges on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.

7. And finally, we will dive into Social Media Marketing (SMM) to market your business more effectively on Social Media and find the highest converting sales channel for you.

Anyone of these things can move the needle immediately for your business, and my experience is that ONE of these is going to resonate with you and stand out as the BIG opportunity for you specifically… so we’ll be able to spend more time on that one with you.

In the next couple of months, I’ll be working with a small group personally… and I only want to work with a handful of people who can implement, test, and report back on the results.

I’ll use YOUR business as the Case Studies to apply these strategies.

I’m ready to get started right away and I’m inviting YOU to join the Case Study Team.

Here’s how it will work…

Each week, we’ll focus on one of the scale strategies. Then, we’ll get together as a group to talk about it and brainstorm specific wording and strategy for YOUR business…so you can put it into action and report on your results.

I really want to create some great case studies from this, so I’ll be spending one on one time with you to make sure we maximize your results.

The more you implement… the more I’ll work with you.

We’re going to be working closely together, so I’d like you to be sure you have 2-3 hours a week to dedicate to this over the next couple of months.

The total cost is $1500 USD (or 3x $500)… but for right now, I just need to know if you can join us and I’ll get you all the details.

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