Let's Optimize Your Store

It can be so easy to think we’re doing everything right, sometimes we’re just too close to our own projects that we can’t see the big mistakes we’re making or the opportunities we’re missing.

I want to help you change that with a proven method created to enhance the revenue potential of your Shopify store.

I'm offering a complete Shopify store audit, where I walk through everything - your home page, category page, product detail page, and checkout. And I'll share issues that might be holding you back from getting more conversations, as well as what you should double-down on to grow faster.

Improve your store's conversion rate in just 2 hours with this store audit designed for Shopify merchants.

Unlock the Power of Your Store

Discover Valuable Insights To Increase Conversions

Uncover Hidden Opportunities

Optimize Your Store For Maximum Impact

Break Out Of Your Growth Plateau

Here's How it Works:

Book your Custom Store Audit

Click the green button to schedule your custom store audit. After that, I'll send you an email confirmation along with a link to a brief onboarding form. You can fill out the form with details about your store, social strategy, and goals.

I Record Your Custom Store Audit

I run through my 200-point checklist to find what's working, identify areas for optimization, and provide ideas for a higher conversion rate and revenue growth.

I record a video, sharing my screen as I talk, allowing you to see everything and rewatch as many times as you'd like (Screencast, recorded on Loom, 60+ minutes).

You Get a Custom Video Audit, Zoom Call with an CRO expert, and exclusive CRO Handbook

You'll receive a comprehensive Ecommerce Store Analysis and Assessment covering UX, Desktop & Mobile, and Cross-Browser testing.

I'll send you the video audit along with an Ecommerce Conversion Optimization Handbook. Next, we schedule a 30-minute Zoom call to discuss the results.

The CRO handbook includes detailed checklists and research-backed recommendations for improvements (60+ pages, PDF), showing you exactly what to do next.

You get unlimited email support for 7 days.

Note: You must sell your own physical products or private/white label products through an online store, e.g. Shopify or WooCommerce. I do not work with China dropshipping or print-on-demand stores. Store needs to be at least 6 months old and have >$3,000 USD/month in revenue (past the idea phase).

I work with major CRO tools:

CRO Tools

Partnerships and Certifications

Partnerships and Certifications