Hi, I'm Claus

I am grateful that our paths have crossed! I believe there’s a very good reason you’re reading this page right now.

Online Business Coach Claus Lauter

Let me introduce myself: I'm an Ecommerce Growth Expert, Shopify & Klaviyo Partner. I help business owners, founders, and entrepreneurs who are feeling stuck to optimize & scale their business on Shopify's ecommerce platform.

As a successful, award-winning 7-figure Ecom store owner and business owner myself, I am in the trenches of ecommerce each and every day (like you!). I have sold more than $3MM on products in my own Shopify store.

I have over twenty years of online business experience working with various SMEs as either owner, director, or independent advisor. If it happens online, there’s a fair chance I’ve done it, managed it, or trained people to do it themselves.

  • I've generated millions of dollars in revenue for service- and product-based businesses online.
  • ​I am running an active 7-Figure Shopify Store since 2015.
  • I've personally managed more than 3 million USD in online ad spend.
  • I've started and grown businesses in the USA, Germany, South Africa, and Singapore.
  • I live and breathe entrepreneurship and digital marketing.

This experience has now turned into my greatest asset. This all becomes 100% available to you as soon as you become my client!

If you want real-world and no-nonsense advice, from a straight-talking ecommerce coach and business owner (who apparently sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger), then you've found your home.

I grew up in a family of business owners (hotels and restaurants). At the age of 16, I started an apprenticeship and became a chef/cook.

After that, I joined the German Air Force for mandatory military service. After my military time, I decided to go back to school and graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration.

In the following 10 years, I worked in the corporate world in various IT & Marketing positions, at companies like Johnson & Johnson, before starting my own first online business in 2001.

I since have launched and co-founded various businesses in Germany, South Africa, the USA, and Singapore. I sold most of my business interests in 2016 and now focus mainly on passing my skills and experience onto other business owners through my coaching and mentoring program. (Well, I am still running a 7-figure eCommerce store.)

What else should you know about me?

  • My favorite quote: No problems, only solutions.
  • I am bilingual, English and German.
  • Have visited 50+ countries.
  • Love lifting weights.
  • Dog person
  • Love Pizza
  • And, I love coffee. (Proof: Photos made at Semilla Co-Working in Medellin, Colombia. Great coffee here.)

What I didn't have:

  • no wealthy parents
  • no shortcut to where I am now
  • no University degree


From website design to SEO copywriting, marketing planning and strategy, to social media implementation, conversion rate optimization, paid advertising and content marketing – I’ve been there (including some few f**k ups).

  • 20+ Years in Digital Marketing B2B/B2C (SAAS, E-commerce/online retail, other industries)
  • 20+ Years in managing and leading international teams (both direct and indirect teams)
  • 15+ Years Google Ads (Adwords) / BING Ads and Google Analytics
  • 15+ Years SEO/SEM, strong understanding of best practices and trends
  • 15+ Years Web design, UX/UI experience, working knowledge of HTML5 and CSS
  • 14+ Years Email-Marketing (Aweber, MailChimp, Klaviyo)
  • 14+ Years CMS systems (WordPress, Joomla)
  • 7+ Years Facebook Ads (Facebook/Instagram) / build, manage, and scale Facebook ad campaigns
  • 6+ Years Shopify, experience with multiple Shopify Stores
  • 5+ Years Digital ad/marketing platforms, e.g. Adroll, Amazon, Pinterest, Twitter
  • 5+ Years Conversion Rate Optimization