Claus Lauter
Hey, I'm Claus,
I'm the producer and host of a top-rated Shopify podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify: The Ecommerce Coffee Break Podcast
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Host of the Ecommerce Coffee Break Podcast

How I Can Help You

I connect you with ecommerce marketing experts to supercharge your digital marketing. Bid farewell to marketing stress with a remote marketing wizard, effortlessly scale up, boost productivity, reclaim your time, and save up to 50% compared to US/EU hires.

As a fellow Shopify merchant and business owner, my team and I navigate the ecommerce landscape daily, just like you. I am an official Shopify and Klaviyo Partner, a certified Google expert, and an award-winning ecommerce store owner.

Having generated millions of dollars in revenue for online service and product-based businesses, you can trust that I know what I am doing. When I say we've been there and done that, I truly mean it. Learn more about me here.

A Top-Rated Marketing Podcast for Shopify Merchants: The Ecommerce Coffee Break

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