Learn how to increase your conversion rate & online revenue from existing traffic — without spending more money on ads.

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Most Shopify store owners struggle with maximizing conversion rates. Don’t be one of them.

The fastest way to increase sales is to identify and remove all conversion blockers in your online store costing you eCommerce sales.

As a result, you will be able to add additional revenue from the traffic you already have, without spending more on marketing.

  • You have great products, but for some reason, your conversion rate is low (under 2%).
  • You have trouble converting website traffic into sales (high bounce rate).
  • You are spending money on ads that don't bring in revenue (low ROAS).
  • Your growth plateaued or slowed down.

If You Checked ANY Of The Boxes Above, you’re in exactly the right place. Let’s put those problems in the past.

Take the guesswork out of Conversion Optimization

We help Shopify merchants identify & remove conversion blockers.

It pays to work with us! Every dollar you invest in Conversion Optimization today will make you $100 over the next 12 months. Most of our clients generally see results within 30 days. And so can you!

Here’s how we can work together.

Conversion Optimization Audit

Find out why your online store is not converting and what conversion blockers are costing you ecommerce sales.

A Conversion Rate Optimization Store Audit helps you find what's broken in your Shopify store and shows you and your team exactly how to fix it.

Conversion Masterclass Program

Improve your conversion rates & revenue from existing traffic with the GET CONVERSIONS masterclass program.

The only Online Membership & Mentorship Program that includes: Ongoing Live Coaching | On-Demand Training | Masterclass Community

Done-For-You CRO Services

Don't have the time or resources to optimize your Shopify store?

As your "conversion manager" we can work with you to achieve your conversion goals. You don't have to worry about technical tasks because we will perform the conversion optimization for you.

Conversion Optimization Team Training

Conversion Optimization Training & Workshops for Agencies and In-house Digital Marketing Teams

Set your team up for success. Learn CRO through interactive, hands-on education. Get Conversion Optimization training for your whole team - remote training or at your location.

Not sure which solution is best for you?

Adam Watson,

"Give him a call. Don't try to work it all out by yourself when you don't need to." — Adam Watson, 5 Stars

Claus Lauter, Ecommerce Business Coach

Claus Lauter | Conversion Optimization Expert

Hi, I am Claus. I’m an eCommerce Conversion Optimization Expert, official Shopify & certified Klaviyo Partner, and award-winning eCommerce store owner. I was recently named one of the Top 20 Shopify Experts to follow for 2022.

With over 20 years' experience in eCommerce and marketing, working with SMEs as either an owner, director, or independent adviser, my team and I have developed a proven system that helps online merchants convert more traffic into sales & revenue.

If you’d like to learn more, you can read my story here. But this isn’t about me… it’s about you! LET'S TALK!

Official Shopify & Certified Klaviyo Partner, Ecommerce Podcast Host
20+ years experience in eCommerce and B2B/B2C/DTC marketing
Working with online merchants and brands across the globe


Better 1

"Claus is always a go-to wherever it comes to any e-commerce questions. He knows how to pinpoint the smallest change on your e-commerce website that makes a big difference. Making a relationship with him provided us a big value for our business." — Roman Lukashev, 5 Stars

Client Testimonial

"Claus is an amazing coach. He helped me a lot with my conversion funnel and pointed out a lot of mistakes I made. With Claus's guidance, I was able to scale my store from 5 figures to 6 figures." — Mike Wynn  5 Stars

Here are a few brands we have helped grow their stores!

Conversion Optimization Clients
Ready for higher conversion rates?

Get a FREE video review of your store where we show you 3 conversion blockers costing you ecommerce sales. You'll get practical and actionable recommendations that you can implement on your website today.

Plus Free Bonus Download: The Conversion Optimization Principles Worksheet

Ecommerce Coffee Break Podcast
The Ecommerce Coffee Break Podcast

Each week you get actionable advice, strategies, and hear from special guests talking about various topics on how to run a profitable business on Shopify.

Learn how to survive in the fast-changing eCommerce world with your host Claus Lauter and get eCommerce business advice you can’t find on Google.